All’s Faire for the Queen

Earlier I answered my phone to hear the warm voice of Sir Benjamin McGinty Knight of the Arts. He was calling to request the opportunity to escort me, his Queen, to the Renaissance Faire in Irwindale.



Sir Ben (the gentleman in chainmail in this photo) has served me well and is a true honor to have as one of my knights, so I couldn’t disappoint him.


Ever loyal and attentive to my needs, Sir Ben plans to procure a small legion of pages and subjects to accompany me as my Official Entourage. Rumor has it that at least one of my Princesses may also be in attendance.


You are welcome to hold court with me at the Faire on its closing day, Sunday, May 18. Unfortunately, Sir Atticus, the Royal Pup, will not be there, as he had more important doggy matters to attend to that day.

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