Atticus ~ hoping to get a ‘byte’ at the Big Apple


Dear Readers,


Mommy’s on the phone with grandmother so I knew I’d have a few minutes to catch up with you. I’ve been busy on the computer making new friends. I found a Web site sponsored by Purina that has a big forum where you can meet dogs from around the world. I posted my profile too, along with photos and a story so other pups can learn about me.


If you’d like to see me and a lot of other wonderful, although maybe not quite as adventurous, dogs, visit


Select the Dog Park and you can search by name, state, breed and other choices.


 There’s also a contest to get your photo in Times Square in New York City. I’ve never been there, but my mommy has and she says it’s the best place to go shopping during the holidays! Anyway, if my photo is selected, it will be shown in NYC on June 16 and you can see it via the Web site. Cross your toes for me!


Now, get out and smell everything you can!


Paws up,


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