Queen’s day out at Ren Faire planned


What better place for a Queen than at the Renaissance Faire? Well, that’s what Sir Benjamin McGinty, Knight of the Arts and owner of McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena thinks, so he’s planning a day in honor of me!


This Sunday (May 18), I will be escorted throughout my day at Faire by my trusty Knight and accompanied and attended by a full entourage, which he has dutifully gathered. I would like to further extend his invitation to all my loyal subjects and ask you to join us for this final day of merriment at Santa Fe Dam in Irwindale.


Unfortunately, Sir Atticus, the Royal Pup, will not be in attendance as it conflicts with his appointed nap times, but you are welcome to approach Her Royalness for a few words and even – oh my! – a photograph or two.


For more information on the Faire, please visit www.renfaire.com


You can learn more about Sir Benjamin and his art space at www.myspace.com/galleryattheendoftheworld


Remember~ All’s fair at Faire!


I hope to see you there!  Now, carry on, as you were!

3 thoughts on “Queen’s day out at Ren Faire planned

  1. snip
    “Pasadena getting more expensive for menageries, side shows
    By Fred Ortega on May 20, 2008 2:29 PM | Permalink | Comments (3) | ShareThis
    In reviewing city documents while preparing my story on an across-the-board 3 percent tax and fee hike approved by the council Monday, I came across some peculiar categories in Pasadena’s fee schedule. While I doubt its been a while since a side show or menagerie came to town, purveyors of such peculiar forms of entertainment should be prepared to loosen their purse strings next time they decide to pitch their tents here in the Crown City:

    Circus or menagerie tax, per day: $765.07 (up from $742.06)
    Side show tax, per day: $68.33 (up from $66.27)
    Boxing and wrestling tax, three month license: $688.53 (up from $667.83)
    Billiard and pool room tax, per application: $131.47 (up from $127.51)
    Bingo games: $125.12 (up $121.36)
    Escort bureau applications: $717.24 (up from $695.68)”

    HRH, will this affect the Doodah Parade?

  2. Hmmmm…. it may try to crimp our style, but I bet there’s some loophole that will apply. I don’t see any tax for parades or Royalty. Or, considering my regal status, perhaps I could decree Doo Dah Day free of any and all taxes… do you think it will work?
    Queen Mickie

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