Queen to take Esotouric trip

You, yes you, my loyal subject, may join me Saturday for a brand new outing! Esotouric will be unveiling its latest adventure- The New Chinatowns. Come, explore our changing socioeconomic landscape and bask in my royal glory. Tickets are still available, so here’s the basics:


The New Chinatowns Saturday, July 12th 11 a.m.-3 p.m.


Departing from Philippe The Original in downtown Los Angeles, just across from Union Station.


Tickets can be ordered online until the morning of the tour. For last minute bookings, please feel free to call 310-995-4591 after 8am on tour day, and if there are seats available, you can reserve a spot and pay with cash at the bus.


Food and drink are permitted and suggested; no audio or video-taping without permission. We regret that there are no refunds for passengers who miss the bus.


PARKING: There are a couple of pay lots in the immediate vicinity of Philippe’s, along New High Street one block north and parallel to Alameda. Please do not park in the restaurant lot. You may also choose to arrive by train at Union Station.


Price: $68.00
For more, visit www.esotouric.com
And if you’re nice, you can even sit next to me!!
Now, carry on, as you were….

4 thoughts on “Queen to take Esotouric trip

  1. Too bad- you and I could have toasted Pasadena during the wine tasting and gossiped over tea… Oh well, perhaps we’ll meet up for dim sum sometime soon!

  2. Hello Mike!

    I have two other places I like outside of Monterey Park that are good for dim sum, as well as yummy “regular” dining. House of Louie on Grand Avenue just north of the 10 Freeway exit in West Covina is really nice. And sometimes I meet my friend Wendy at Ocean Seafood in Chinatown in Downtown Los Angeles– they have a really big selection of dim sum. Hope this gets you started… or at least your mouth watering!

    Queen Mickie

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