Fun revisited and to come


In addition to being the Queen of the Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade, I am also Fun 101 Grrrl. This means I get to have many extra adventures. Most recently, you were able to read about and watch my experience in the world of standup comedy. I guess I made a splash, as I was mentioned in comedian Bobbie Oliver’s newsletter:


The Rubber Chicken Gazette is on the cyber news stands now! Check out this month’s Chicken at the link below for all the latest info in the world of StandUp Academy and StandUp Productions. Enjoy!
You can read about my next foray tomorrow (Saturday) in our papers. This time I join Pasadena artist Dave Lovejoy for a class in raku pottery. I’d love to find out if this inspires you to get a little dirty!!
Lastly, the date for Atticus and I to appear on the L.A. Art Walk Hippodrome shuttle bus has changed. The event will be held next Thursday (it’s always the second Thursday of the month) and is definitely worth your while. We, however, will be on the bus next month on Nov. 13. For more on that, visit
Now carry on, as you were…

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