Sharing memories


Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not good to be the Queen because it is. In fact it’s great. And one of the best parts is having a legion of fans who are kind and nice and love to share their lives with me.


Today, I opened my e-mail to a surprise. My friend Richard Reese sent me a photo from when I danced at McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World in Altadena for its Friday Art Night Event Aug. 1. I didn’t even know he had snapped the photo…

 maybe that’s why I look so good ha ha!


Thank you Richard for sharing this with me. And thanks to all my other readers, friends and fans who make me feel extra special by letting me in to a small part of your world.


Now, ’nuff mushy stuff!  Carry on, as you were,


Queen Mickie

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