Words of regal wisdom

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Tryouts for the 32nd Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade queen are just over a week away, so my editor suggested that I impart some advice to whoever is awarded the reign.


I thought long and hard and narrowed it down to my Top 10 Tips. You can read my words of regal wisdom in the weekend section of your newspaper Saturday or go online to www.sgvn.com.


This is recommended reading to all queen hopefuls so you know just what you’re getting into. Being royalty isn’t all smiles and waves, it goes much deeper than that… it’s attitude, it’s style, it’s wit, grace and charm and it’s in your blood, your heart, your very essence.


If you think you can handle all the pressures and demands, then please prepare your audition and reserve your spot for the No Doo Dah Parade and Queen Tryouts Nov. 23. For more information, read my story and visit www.pasadenadoodahparade.info.


Now, carry on, as you were…

3 thoughts on “Words of regal wisdom

  1. Ann – you are already regal so you’re more than halfway there. I would gladly surrender my reign to you.

    and as for

    Miss Havisham – Thank you for your kind words. I would love to remain Queen, but if someone suitable auditions, I will graciously hand them the reign. Will you be at the tryouts? You should think about it…

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