Tying up the ends

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As my reign draws to a close, I have been trying to make sure to put the last of my authority to good use. On Saturday I attended a birthday party for my friend Richard. It was at the Tropicana Bakery on Paramount in Downey and I will certainly go back there– the coffee was fantastic and the food was wonderful! But I digress…


Richard and his wife, Kim, own Esotouric, a tour bus company. The two, along with other experts, lead tours throughout Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Valley focused on crime, architecture, history, literature and other topics.


They have also been very supportive of my reign and have invited me to see off their “Black Dahlia” tour from Vroman’s in Pasadena. For this, I blessed the bus with a bottle of champagne bubble bath. I’ve also guested on a couple of tours, lending my experiences and observations to their fact – and humor- laden narratives.


So, as they say, it was payback time…


On Saturday, I requested Richard and Kim to kneel in the middle of the restaurant and (to their big surprise) pronounced them Knight and Lady of Knowledge. I expect them to draw on all their resources and continue to inspire people to learn and be curious about our past, as well as our present and future.


I am pleased to welcome them into the Doo Dah family and you will see them as part of my entourage in January on parade day. Until then, learn more about Sir Richard and Lady Kim at www.esotouric.com



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