Gimme three days…

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It’s sneaking up on me quicker (and scarier) than Rev. Billy did at the Doo Dah After-Party last January. No, not a deadline for another royal gown, but the No Doo Dah Day Party and Queen Tryout.


As some of you are aware, I had a minor altercation with a skateboard (and a certain sure-footed and friendly bulldog) last week which resulted in a tweaked knee. Yes, your Queen has been slightly cattiwompus since!  I have been staying off my feet and using ice and heat and lots of good karma to heal myself for my next big day— SUNDAY!  THREE DAYS FROM NOW!!


Word is that a certain Queen you know is going to do a very special dance with her swords for those in attendance at the fete. And that word is true….


Will you be among her loyal subjects on Sunday?


Will the Queen be successful in entertaining everyone at the party?


Will the Queen fight for her crown, break down and cry or be ever so gracious in handing over her reign?


These questions and more will all be answered. But ya gotta be there to find out!


Now, carry on, as you were…

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