All the Doo Dah day… and night


Saturday was a big Doo Dah day for me. It began at McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World, where I returned for more float building work. I spent just shy of five hours painting “mortar” patterns on piece of cardboard that will serve as the walls of our “stone” castle. I also took a test ride and learned some very interesting facts about the float.


Designer Dave Lovejoy told me that almost everything on the float is recycled. The cardboard is discarded boxes from a bicycle shop. The throne was originally an art installation piece that Lovejoy made from three old chairs. Adding to that, I brought ribbons and garlands that were on my cars in last year’s parade and were also used as Christmas decorations by one of my princesses. I brought some old hand-me-down curtain that we will be using to cover seats and for other decorative touches too.


All in all, the float is really shaping up and I’m sure will be a big hit on parade day.


Saturday evening I headed to the Old Town Pub in Pasadena for the Pre-Doo Dah Parade Party. Quite a few of my friends showed up and the place was packed. My friend Angela had helped me with my hair and makeup, turning me from a rockin’ belly dancer into a glamorous retro beauty ala Audrey Hepburn.


I had a beehive with a long ponytail to one side. My updo was graced with gold glitter dust, star clips and my traveling tiara (a gift from Princess Linda). My makeup was like something out of an old photograph and I wore a long blue/black gown flecked with sparkles of silver with a feather-hemmed peplum, long black glovelets and my pink glitter pumps.


When I entered the Pub, it took a minute for people to recognize me. Tom Coston of Light Bringer Project (which puts on Doo Dah) said, “Our little queen is all grown up.” I made time for everyone and joined former Queens Tequila, Kavita and Erica and current Queen Skittles singing backups for former Queen Mercy as she belted out “Respect” with the event’s hosting band, Andrew’s Bad Stuff.


Finally it was my time on stage. As I adjusted my microphone, a man at the edge of the stage caught my eye. He said he was a reader and enjoyed my columns. That made my night! Before I could do more than thank him, Andrew’s Bad Stuff launched into my first number.


I sang a bluesy/jazz version of “Fever” as sultry as possible and followed it with the HorrorPops’ “Hitchcock Starlet” – just add drama. I must have done well, as many in the crowd seemed surprised that I could sing and they enjoyed my dance moves too. Perhaps the best compliment I got was from Mercy (of the popular groups Mercy and the Merkettes and the Mercy Powell Quartet), who said I should be one of her Merkettes!


If that wasn’t good enough, Andrew of Andrew’s Bad Stuff called me on Sunday and invited me to sing with the band again. Hmmm….. could be fun…


Enjoy the photo above from my big night… left to right is me, Roc, Valerie and Angela – four friends who just can’t get enough of that Doo Dah spirit!


Back to the present.. or perhaps the future.. stay tuned here for more Doo Dah Parade updates. The big day is Sunday- be there!


Oh, and carry on, as you were,

Queen Mickie



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