Doo Dah in action

It was a glorious day for the 32nd Occasional Pasadena Doo Dah Parade ~ the sun was shining, spirits were high and everything was sparkly.


I arrived at Memorial Park in Pasadena a tad after 8 a.m. with my mother in tow. We looked over the slowly growing crowd of parade -goers and participants and I glanced up Raymond to see a castle on wheels turn the corner and make its way to the staging area.


McGinty’s Gallery at the End of the World was sponsoring me as the “Very Outgoing Queen Naughty Mickie” with its entry ~ Queen of Arts. Designer Dave Lovejoy really outdid himself. The castle totally covered his ’70 Volkswagen Transporter and boasted towers, an archway and many details, such as dragons, “holes” for archers, sconces with flowers on either side of my throne, grates across the truck’s windows to serve as marshmallow deflectors and more. And everything was recycled, some items had been used three or more times for other things before the castle.


About half of our group arrived, so we went to the senior center for its pancake breakfast and then went back to the float. We weaved long tendrels cut from the gallery’s famous vine through the castle’s turrets and edges for a little more splash. I also draped a long piece of fabric left over from my dress from last year when I was the parade’s queen across my throne.


It seemed forever, but finally it was time to go. Dave took his place as castle driver with his wife Vera by his side. I assumed the throne in the back of the truck, umm castle, flanked by Princess Cindy, Princess Valerie, Princess Sarah and drummers Joanne and Jose. Walking the route would be Sir Ben of the Arts, Lady Deb, Lady Eve, Lady Lynn, Sage Cliff, drummer Ric and his friends Lady Lynn and Gentleman Frank, Wench Johnny and a few other assorted castle fans. My mother was seated in the Doo Dah VIP section, as she loves to watch a good parade.


Our entry was right in front of the 32nd Occasional Doo Dah Queen Skittles’ entourage and it was fun to watch them cavort down the route. I must remark that Queen Skittles was quite good on her horse, waving to the crowd and taking photos, but especially keeping calm when the steed became a little spooked by all the commotion.


As for Queen of Arts, Dave took his time meandering along the street, which was allowed parade-goers to get a good gander at our float. We received many positive comments and enjoyed sharing our joy with the crowd.


Get a peek at Queen of Arts in Doo Dah action here:


After our run we returned to the staging area to say our good byes. Dave presented me with the plaque from the front of the float (which is now hanging up in my living room)  and I held back my tears~ what an honor.


And what a truly fantastic day!! 

2 thoughts on “Doo Dah in action

  1. Thank you, Ann. Your attire was ab-fab! For those who missed Ann, she was a vision of disco fever, bedecked and beribboned with flashy garlands, bright disco balls and more. A true Doo Dah denizen. Kudos and hugs to Ann!

    Queen Mickie

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