Everything old is new again

Yes, I know the 32nd Occasional Doo Dah Parade happened in January, but I’m still receiving what I like to affectionately call fan mail. Whether it’s in an envelope or via e-mail, I still love hearing from all the people who shared my day, as well as those who follow my life through my stories in the newspapers and on my blogs.


Most recently, I received an e-mail from Stephen Berkman, a local photographer/artist who


caught me having fun on the big day. These photos are very different from his usual mileau, as Berkman normally works in sepia, using vintage cameras to create his photographs that are little snippets of days gone by with a twist that makes you think. His work has been shown in galleries all over and has even graced album covers for artists such as The Racounteers. (Learn more about Berkman at www.stephenberkman.com. ).


My moments, however, were captured digitally in color… oh my! But they’re still really great, so I had to share.



31st Queen Mickie




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