Hopping down the bunny trail

Dear Readers,



At this time of year my thought turns to bunnies. Bouncing bunnies. Bunnies who thump and look cross at you when you bark at them. Bunnies who turn and flick their little cotton tails at you with a tease and then hop away when you get too near. Bunnies who hide in the big daffodils in the flowerbed waiting for your nose to find them.


Yes, I love bunnies. Almost as much as squirrels. Squirrels are more of a challenge because they’ll suddenly run up a tree where they can chatter and throw acorns at you. But I’m off track now…


Where was I?…. Oh yes, bunnies!… Why was I supposed to tell you about bunnies???…


 Now I remember~ my friend Roxy sent me a photo of herself wearing bunny ears that I wanted to share with you. She’s being good and waiting patiently for any yummy treats that may show up in her bowl… or on the floor under the dining room table. Smart pup!


Happy Easter!


Happy Spring!!


Happy, happy everything!!! 


But most of all~ Happy BUNNIES!!!!


Paws up,


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