Pasadena Showcase House recognizes royalty

 Yes, I may be a former Doo Dah Queen, but it’s still good enough for most people~  even the prestigious Pasadena Showcase House of the Arts.



When I visited the Showcase House of Design to decide what stories I would like to do, one of the PSHA members bowed to me as we were introduced and made me feel as special as I was welcome. Resplendent in pearls and impeccible attire, Barbara guided me through the residence offering any information she had, along with pleasant humor.


I returned to Showcase this past Tuesday for the Media Preview. It was an opportunity to see the finished designs and speak with the designers about their work. Barbara again greeted me and was wearing the most beautiful gold net scarf. She said it would look good with my outfit and I teased that I would have to tie it around my hips and shimmy my way down the halls. Then Linda, our hostess this time, called to me for my tour.


Linda was wonderful too, with an easy laugh and a keen eye for details. Plus she made sure we found a table to enjoy our refreshments at the end of our tour. We agreed that the house is very liveable this year– I didn’t feel like any of the furnishings were too sterile to sit on, but rather beckoned to you to rest a while. The interior hues are very pleasant and the gardens are glorious. I particularly like the Koi pond where the fish swim around the tea house and can also swim into the pool in the structure’s living room. Very cool!


While nibbling on all kinds of little yummy things and sipping champagne, my friend photographer Terry Miller found me. He introduced us to a reporter he works with (unfortunately her name escapes me at this moment), who was a delight. When she heard about the Royal Pup Atticus, she shared that her mother calls his breed Jack Daniels terriers, as they act as if they have been drinking. I said, the name is right, but I think the owner needs to drink in order to put up with the crazyness of the dogs ha ha ha!


I finished my champagne and was enjoying the conversation and the garden when Barbara appeared. She slipped the gold scarf around my neck. “I would like you to have this,” she said. I was astounded~ what an honor! I thanked her and gave her a big hug. The scarf is gorgeous and will go with many of my outfits. I even wore it to work the next day and received quite a few compliments! Thank you again, Barbara!


Now, you may not have as an exciting outing as I, but if you appreciate interior and exterior decorating at its best, then you must visit Showcase House. Plus the ticket proceeds go towards PSHA’s music and music education programs for area children.


Here’s the info:



Opens April 19.

9 a.m.-3:45 p.m. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday

9 a.m.-7:45 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Through May 17

$30-$40 depending on day and time

Free shuttle and entry to garden, market and restaurant.

Flat shoes required. No children under 12. Not handicap accessible.

(714) 442-3872



Now, carry on, as you were,

Queen Mickie

2 thoughts on “Pasadena Showcase House recognizes royalty

  1. Thank you, Sir Terry. Susan was so interesting. I would love to sit down with her over a LARGE cup of coffee and chat! And thank you for the fun photo from my day~ I’ll share it here later this week.

    Queen Mickie

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