Red letter day for royalty

I love getting letters on any topic that I’ve written about. And I’ll admit I really enjoy receiving fan mail the most.


I’m not sure if this qualifies as true fan mail, though, as it is from one of my loyal Knights, Sir Terry Miller, but it is a sweet missive that I just have to share. It came with a photo of me with my boss, Features Editor extraordinaire Catherine Gaugh, beaming in the background, during our trip to the Pasadena Showcase House of Design.


P.S. Scroll down to last week’s blog entry for more on Showcase House



Hi Michelle…I forgot to send you this portrait of a young writer who has touched the heart of millions in Pasadena alone!

Tata Luv…thanks for your mention of me on your are, as always, the best!!!!!!

27064-zshowcase 20009-thumb-300x172.jpg

Forever yours,

Sir Terence of Pictures A Lot



Now carry on, as you were,

Queen Mickie

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