Charles Bukowski invites you to The Colorado for the Doo Dah Parade

An invitation from Charles Bukowski:


Hey you out there, you think you’re some kinda VIP big shot, huh? All the VIP’s I know are glued to bar stools in dark, little confessionals otherwise known as gin joints…

They don’t count stars, they count their change…

And they consider the greatest question in the universe-where’s my next drink coming from? Which gets me to my

next point…There’s only three reasons to get out of bed before noon on Saturday, May 1st…They are in order of importance:


1. the bar opens at 8am

2. chili will be on at 10am

3. the parade starts at 11am


The Colorado

2640 E. Colorado

No chairs (bring a lawn chair for mom’n’pop)

No stickers

No bullcrap

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