Room 13/John Muir donations drop-off day Saturday, Sept. 25

Room 13/John Muir    

A New Student Run Art Studio/Business

Donations Drop-Off Day!



Folks, we are starting from scratch! Help Us Spread the Word!



WHERE: John Muir High School in Pasadena

1905 Lincoln Ave

Pasadena, CA 91103

Please drop off supplies inside the gate

on Lincoln Ave and Wyoming St. We’ll be there–

Room 13 Art Studio, Center Campus



YOU’RE INVITED to drop by this Saturday, to donate, give what you like, and here are some ideas of what we need:


boombox w/tape player, and bulletin board, or whiteboard with markers, computer w/internet access and a printer, art books, magazines, glue, tape, scissors, rulers, three-hole punch, string, paper, pastels, house paint, watercolor/acrylic paint, photo seamless paper (rolls), erasers, canvases in all sizes, paint surfaces like wood squares, masonite, brushes, frames, aprons, coffee cans, bookcases or shelf units, accounting ledger book and calculators, items or objects for mixed media, pens, ink, pencils, tracing paper, clay, beads, sketchbooks, tools, toolbox, camera, access to dvd/vcr player w/television for occasional video viewing, access to projector, carving tools – clay/etc, paper meche making materials, mosaic tiles, flat wood surfaces, tables, chairs, butcher paper, light box, old newspapers, unused or used frames, glass, silkscreens, extra lamps, extension cords, tissue paper, cardboard, exacto knives, cutting boards, or whatever you have access to that you think can be used or re-interpreted for making art or to offer inspiration to creative young artists!

No gift too big or too small-we take it all!


NEW Room 13 at John Muir High School in Pasadena! 

Check us out our fan page on FACEBOOK/Light Bringer Project



Paddy Hurley, Light Bringer Project:


Artist-In-Residence, Mri Scott ElBey at:

 “Room 13 John Muir”

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