Winter wishes from the Queen

Hello still-loyal subjects,


This time of yea

48820-xmas doo-thumb-300x409-48819.jpg

r we relish all the joy that flows from heart to heart. We also remember lost loved ones and celebrate children. It is a time for toasting, gift-giving and spreading happiness as far as we can.



I ask you to take this ideals and reach out to those less fortunate in the community. Donate to your favorite charity, take a blanket to a homeless person, give a needy child a toy. If your budget is too tight, then offer kind words, a listening ear and a smiling face. And consider inviting someone you know who will be alone to join your dinner or party.




It is only with kindness, no matter how small, that we will eventually create peace on earth.


Happy holidays!


Your royal servant,

Queen Mickie

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