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Hello Friends,

My Photo Sale is happening NOW! …until all the photos are gone. I have about 150 framed images from large to very small that I’ve had in my shows over the past 7 years. I want them to go to nice homes for decoration! See them here: http://gallery.me.com/julieklima#100145. $2 for small framed photos & $5 for large framed photos. A few are newer & a few I’m still very attached to so those have higher prices marked on the image name. #s 001 to 027 are large. The rest I pretty much consider small.

I’m updating the image names with SOLD at the beginning as soon as someone claims it! I can SHIP the frames if you can cover the cost of shipping in addition to the $2 or $5. I can also take credit card payments or paypal (for a few extra bucks). WANT AN UNFRAMED PRINT? I can make more of these! Prices will be different though if I have to reprint it 🙂 A few frames don’t have the glass in them but 99% do. EMAIL ME OR CALL with any questions.

DOO DAH PARADE PHOTOS! Yes, a lot of my sentences need exclamation points. I edited 750 photos from The Parade down to about 450 and then another edit down to 160! So here are a couple links to view the long and short versions of The Parade & after-parties:

You can also view my BLOG @ www.QueenSkittles.com because I’ve been updating it!


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