It’s Doo Dah time~ where’s my dress?!

I have opened the big closet door and been rumaging through my rows of Regal clothes to find the just-right outfit to judge the Pasadena Doo Dah queen tryouts Sunday. You can’t wear just any old thing, it has to be the perfect old thing… or new thing… or mixture of things.


The attire for my Royal outtings usually falls in the latter category and often reflects my love of dance and music.. and bold colors, as the correct hue for the occasion is also a must.


I’m sure I can pull together something suitable, but what about you?


Will you be fit to be seen by former Doo Dah queens or to try to become the 2012 queen yourself?


Find out by coming to the tryouts and party 3 p.m. Sunday at the American Legion in Pasadena (see posts below for details).


 And don’t be shy~  ask me what I think of your attire and tell me what you think of mine!

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