Golf is a weird, fickle game. I write a preview for a Lakers game, I know to interview Kobe. I preview a Dodgers game, talk to … uh … the starting pitcher. The Chargers: Philip Rivers or LT. On Tuesday I made the curious mistake of interviewing the top two Nationwide Tour money leaders for the Mark Christopher preview, and both will finish hopelessly over par. Jason Day is on the course at 8-over through 11. Roland Churchill Thatcher IV is out at 4-over for the tournament and 9-over for the day. And the weather still bites.

Strange thing, this game called golf.

Mills signs scorecard at 3-under.

Not to dampen your spirits, but this could get boring quick. Your leader Jon Mills turned in his scorecard a few minutes ago with a two-round total of 9-under. Mills is the hottest golfer on the Nationwide Tour he won last week’s event and turned in one of the lowest rounds so far today. Don’t take my word for it. Said Mills: “Some people say (these are) boring rounds, but I love ’em.”

So much for the weather report.

It is WINDY out here. Cloudy, too. So much for yesterday’s afternoon group having the advantage in the morning calm. Online, it says the wind is blowing 12 mph to the southwest, but that must be an average. When it picks up, it’s probably been over 20 mph. Anyway, the top scores aren’t getting considerably lower. Your predictable leader, Jon Mills, is 2-under through 15 (8-under total). Roland Thatcher is 4-over through 7 holes (!), leaving the Nationwide Tour money leader with virtually no chance of making the cut. And Kenny G … is 4-over for the day, 11-over total, but had a nice birdie on the par-5 18th.