The center of the Ducks’ universe…

…is not in Anaheim this weekend, but in Ottawa, where the Ducks have told Scott Niedermayer’s agent, Kevin Epp, that the defenseman won’t have to decide his future by tomorrow (according to this report). If he retires, it’s the type of story that could potentially upstage anything the Ducks do in the draft. If waits to decide until a deadline of July 1, as the report suggests, it could affect the Ducks’ draft strategy.

Confirmation coming soon.

Report: Scott Niedermayer still ‘in limbo’

The Toronto Globe and Mail spotted Scott Niedermayer’s agent, Kevin Epp, talking to Bob Murray, the Ducks’ VP of hockey ops, in the lobby of an Ottawa hotel this morning. (Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of an Ottawa hotel lobby this morning…) Here’s what both parties had to say (with links to the original here and here for the Associated Press version, with Murray quoted.)
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My summer with the CBA: You don’t have to sign right away.

The more I thought about this provision, the less meaningful it seemed: Article 8.6(d), “A Bona Fide Offer … remains open to the player for at least thirty (30) days after receipt of the offer by the Player.” The rule pertains justto entry-level contracts.
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