Postgame quotes.


On game not starting poorly…

It found a way to turn in their favor in a hurry.We didn’t respond well to the adversity.That is a first place hockey club.They played to their system and they stuck with it.You have to give them credit.

if he felt his team had a chance to come back…

the funny part about it. We didn’t
win enough one on one battles when it really started to count. I thought that we had a real decent
first period. We played the type
of road game that we needed to play.
They got a goal off a bounce in the neutral ice. They got a bounce and the defenseman
turned the puck over. That
defenseman comes in and chops at the puck. It kind of went in at the far side and it seemed from that
point on when we came out to start the second period we didn’t compete hard
enough to give ourselves that chance.
We did some things that you think if we stayed with it, but we had some
fights and got into some penalty problems. It just seemed to take us out of the game.

if the trade was a distraction for the team…

I think that for professional athletes, trades, waiver wires, and sending guys
down and player transactions are all apart of the life of a professional
athlete. It is tough to see a
teammate that you have played with or a guy you have a relationship with
go. But on the other hand you have
a new guy coming into your fold and he’s welcomed with open arms. Those are the things. It sounds kind of cute but life goes on
with your hockey club and your sports franchise and you move forward.

what type of player Ryan Whitney is judging by tonight’s performance…

he hasn’t skated in a couple of days.
It was tough. I would like
to see him shoot the puck more that is one thing that we are going to stress. He has the ability and you can see that
he is not under pressure with the puck.
The issue with him is to get comfortable with our stuff and make sure we
get him in tune with what we are trying to do.

having 185 goals against…

Obviously you can’t continuously to give up six goals
in a hockey game. That is nowhere
near good enough for our hockey club.
We talk about if we could keep the opposition down to two and a half or
whatever. That wouldn’t have been
enough tonight because we didn’t create enough offense.

On getting Ryan Whitney in the line up tonight…

It was a combination of things. We didn’t know if we could get his
equipment here. We had to fly
somebody from Pittsburgh with his equipment to get it here and then fly the guy
back. With the new regulations and
with TSA you can’t fly a bag by itself.
You are not going to get it here courier.

On who traveled with the bags…

I don’t know.
The trainers found somebody.
That’s what happens that what you have to do.

On building confidence to gain a playoff spot…

It is hard to talk about confidence when you lose six
to nothing. We have played hard in
the last couple. As inept as we
were tonight we did a lot of good things with the puck. It is not that we didn’t create
chances. It’s just that we didn’t
play well defensively and it’s all a part of it. I don’t think our goaltender had that great of a night. It is as simple as that. We had three goals on eight shots.

On making a goaltending change…

Well I did it for the other 20 guys. That is a standard answer. You have to give your guys a
chance. Hopefully to stop the
bleeding a little bit, whatever term you want to use, those are the things you
have to do. They are the things you
have in your arsenal as a coach.


On the game being chippy…

I don’t know.
I don’t think it was that chippy.
I guess my little play with Savard [Marc], I kind of hit him in the
corner, and he kind of slashed me, back and forth. It wasn’t much.
We need answers for nights like this. We came out and played a pretty good first period for the
most part. We went down one goal,
we out shot them, then we started to make mistakes and they put the puck in the

On if the trade was a distraction for the team…

This has happened before. We need to be able to handle something like that. Obviously Kuney [Chris Kunitz] is a
great friend, that’s not always fun when that happens. But we got a great player in return. We need to be able to play through

On coach saying the teams play was inept tonight…

That is how I felt that I played. It wasn’t very good. Giving up two on ones like that. Leaving one guy and a goalie back there
and they made us pay.

On how team can gain momentum to make the

I don’t have the answer. We are looking for the answer. We just haven’t been consistent. We need to be better.
It definitely tests you after a game like tonight. We are not far back. There are nineteen games left. There is time to get some wins so we
need to focus on that.


On fighting former teammate Shawn Thornton…

I am obviously not going to be inclined to fight a guy
that I know really well but it is part of the job. Stuff happens out there. I made a clean but hard hit and he responded and that is
fine. It’s what it is. The game was not indicative, of the
physicality at that point. It was
not at hand at that point. It was
more of him responding to a teammate getting hit. It is obviously a little but hard and different but it is
what it is.

On giving Thornton a tap at the conclusion of the

There is no bad blood there. It was all good.

On what happened with the Lucic fight…

I am not going to comment because I didn’t see exactly
how it got started. I don’t know
if Brownie [Mike Brown] got the jump on him and that’s how he responded, or he
didn’t get the jump and which case it would not be too classy. I don’t support that at all. I didn’t take a look at it so I would
have to before I could say what happened.

On if the deal effected the teams performance..

It happened pretty close to game time. Kuney [Chris Kunitz] worked hard for us for a long time and
he is going to be missed for sure.
It is tough to see him go but we are lucky to have Ryan with us. He played a good game I thought
considering the circumstance. You
just go out there and keep playing.
It is not the reason why we lost like we did. It is just part of the game.

On fighting Shawn Thornton…

He is a good team guy. I would have done the same and asked the same of him had he
done something to one of our guys.
It was a clean hit so there was nothing else that needed to be


On playing in a tough first game with the Ducks…

It didn’t obviously go too well. I think they have kind of been on a long
road trip here. Obviously there
are still two games. It was a
tough one but Saturday we have to bounce back.

On if he saw the trade coming…

Yes I mean a little bit. I was hearing things.
We had nine NHL defensemen at one point and not really that many guys
that are up and down. It is
something that happened. It hasn’t
really hit yet I don’t think. I am
excited to be here; just tonight it was a tough start.

Playing in a room with a group of guys who just won
a Cup…

There are a few defensemen here that I grew up
idolizing and now I’m playing with them it is kind of cool. Selanne [Teemu], Getzlaf [Ryan], and
Perry [Corey], they have guys that have established themselves as superstars in
this league. It is pretty exciting
to come in here and meet the guys.
It has been real quick but everyone has been real friendly and nice so
far. Obviously tonight was tough
but our next few games and days I’ll get to know everyone.

On if the trade surprised him…

It was a surprise to get the call and get traded but I
kind of knew it was coming. At
least I felt that way. They were
pretty intent on getting a top six forward and they did. They got a great player and a good
prospect. I had an awesome time
there. Made some great friends. The trainers in that organization and
the equipment managers are friends for life too. It was tough, but everyone here has been awesome so far and
I’m excited for a fresh start.

On being odd his first game after the trade was in

Yes it was crazy. I was home anyway so it is just weird how things work
out. I thought that was a sign but
tonight didn’t go too well.

On how he felt after not skating for a few days…

I felt all right. It was tough. I
wasn’t sure during warm-ups about my legs because I haven’t skated in two or
three days. To find out I was
playing today at 3:00 pm was a little weird. It was still good to get on the ice and now I’m real happy I
got the game out of the way even though it wasn’t too successful.

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