Cockfighting ring discovered in Yucaipa

– More than 600 roosters and hens were found at a Yucaipa property
Tuesday where authorities say they were bred and trained to fight.

No one was arrested and San Bernardino County sheriff’s
officials declined to say how many people they are looking for in
connection with the cockfighting ring.

U.S. Department of Agriculture workers took samples from 30
birds to test for Avian Influenza. Another five fowl were seized as
evidence and will be housed by county Animal Control.

The other 200 hens and 400 roosters will remain on the Yucaipa property in the 10000 block of Sprig Avenue.

believe the owners, who were likely selling and transporting some of
the birds to Mexico for cockfighting derbies, are out of the country.

The ring was discovered early Tuesday after eight local,
state and federal agencies joined together to serve a search warrant.
The Humane Society of the United States tipped the Sheriff’s Department
to the alleged activity three months ago.

A cockfighting magazine reported that the owners of the
Yucaipa property were breeding, raising, training, conditioning,
fighting and selling the birds, said Eric Sakach, a senior law
enforcement specialist with the HSUS.

“We will not allow this bloodsport to flourish in the County of San Bernardino,” said Sheriff Rod Hoops.

The case is being forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.

Anyone with information is asked to call sheriff’s Deputy Chris Walkins at 909-387-3700.

Originally posted by Staff Writer Stacia Glenn.

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