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John Kerry, Youtube and a ‘botched joke.’

The national flareup over former (maybe future) presidential candidate John Kerry’s remarks about education at Pasadena City College gives a glimpse into the 24 hour news cycle. Shortly after Kerry told the students that if they were able to navigate … Continue reading

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Covina blogger posts photos

Continuing to look for local bloggers who are covering events we don’t, and they don’t have to be text oriented. Tim from Covina has Time slices with a catalogue of photos, including a San Dimas Native American video.

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Investigative reporting gone bad

“, bankrolled by billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, debuted in August with an unlikely mission statement: to enrich Cuban by rooting out wrongdoing inside publicly traded companies he has shorted. Investors who take a short position on a stock … Continue reading

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Irate callers

Ive been here for nearly seven weeks, and Ive been overwhelmed, in a mostly good way, by readers responses to the latest changes in the paper, story placement or even lack of stories. Its not the type of interaction Ive … Continue reading

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Agony of defeat…still

Not that I care, but the Cardinals just beat the Detroit Tigers, 7-2. I have barely been able to talk baseball since my beloved Mets lost after Carlos Beltran struck out with the bases loaded in the ninth inning Thursday. … Continue reading

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Deciding by Internet voting

We had a story a few days ago about a La Mirada blogger, Tony Aeillo, who wanted to get comments for the community about a proposed aquatic center. Our political columnist Mike Sprague wondered if it was a little too … Continue reading

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Looking for community blogs

I’m starting to look for community blogs throughout the San Gabriel Valley, and maybe start a blog roll. Two problems: it’s sometimes difficult to guage where a blogger lives, so at first I’ll be going on the honor system and … Continue reading

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Covering SGValley

At the LA Times blog, they soliciting opinions on how to better the paper. While we cover the same area, our papers are not rivals. One reason is that they don’t cover the San Gabriel Valley all that much. Just … Continue reading

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Works for me

It’s the merging of small town journalism and the global web that will get us there. ” New newsroom rule: Answer phone calls. Respond to e-mails. On weekends and vacations, talk to real people.” “Fire any reporter or editor who … Continue reading

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Cory Lidle

We’ve spend most of the day working on stories on the death of Cory Lidle and his flight instructor, Tyler Stanger. It’s a sad story all the way around, especially hard for the family.

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