Covering SGValley

At the LA Times blog, they soliciting opinions on how to better the paper. While we cover the same area, our papers are not rivals. One reason is that they don’t cover the San Gabriel Valley all that much. Just this past week, with the the Cory Lidle and Tyler Stanger plane crash, the Times barely covered it. I even got calls from their sister paper Newsday asking for some help.

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  1. KCK says:

    And neither the LA Times nor the Star News are covering the Nov. 7 election in the Ca-26 between incumbant Republican David Dreier and Democratic challenger Cynthia Matthews.

  2. Edward says:

    Actually, we share stories with the Star-News and our politics editor, Gary Scott, has already assigned a story on that race. It should be in this weekend. Not in defense of the non-coverage, but the election is not like the last one. Dreier appears safely ahead this time.

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