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Putting journalists in jail

If law enforcement truly needs to find out who committed a crime, they have no other choice and a compelling reason, I can see the argument backing suponeas against journalists. But the onslaught of legal attacks lately against reporters should … Continue reading

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Giving you what you want and what you need

Editorial dicusssions for the front page sometimes center on what stories readers want as opposed to information they need. One former editor of mine said a paper’s mantra should be “tell them something they don’t know but need to know.” … Continue reading

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Plagiarism and Gerald Boyd of the NY Times

Stealing someone’s else work and calling it your own is one of the worst sins in journalism. The death of Gerald Boyd, former managing editor of the NY Times, starkly makes the case. Though he was not the one who … Continue reading

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O.J., a discrimination suit and Kramer.

While there a lot of good stories that can and should be done on the racial and ethnic division in this country, we should be careful of stretching certain events and saying they expose racism. As a Latino and first-generation … Continue reading

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West Covina webcam

Trolling around online, looking for interesting stuff from the San Gabriel Valley, I came across a Web cam that apparently looks over the Westfield Mall in West Covina. I think I see the Washington Mutual Bank that stands in front … Continue reading

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Commenting on news stories

As part of a continuing move toward more online interaction, the newspaper has put comment links on the bottom of stories. Other newspapers have also dipped in this pool, sometimes without success. Ventura County Star eventually went back to giving … Continue reading

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Another local soldier dies

In the past month, we have had the uneviable task of publishing stories about the death of soldiers killed in Iraq. Friday, reporter Jennifer McLain was at Ontario International Airport where Sgt. 1st Class Rudy Salcido was brought home. Some … Continue reading

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Veterans Day celebration and Anti-war protest

This post is not about who holds anti-or pro-war sentiments that was a major element in the elections but about accurately portraying events. The LA Times and NY Times had photos tying it to Veterans day, set aside for all … Continue reading

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Rhapsody in Blue

I wish I could say we thought of this headline, but it was a longtime Trib subscriber, and apparent Gershwin lover, who called in tonight.

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Public access to schools

I have a card that shows the state law that allows me, as a journalist, the right to get on to school grounds. Districts that have stopped me usually gave me the exemption “for safety reasons or disruption of class.” … Continue reading

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