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Congratulations! You are the Time magazine “Person of the Year.” (nothing like getting the joke from someone else)

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Walking in

The interesting and unique part of this job is dealing with all walks of life who walk into our offices on Azusa Canyon Road. As a reporter, I went out and met people all the time but as editor, it’s … Continue reading

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Naming witnesses who may have been intimidated

We’ll be carrying stories from our sister-paper, the Long Beach Press-Telegram, about the trial of 10 black youths who are accused of beating three white woman on Halloween. There is a growing interest for the story, partly because of the … Continue reading

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And now for a sport’s break

I have no idea why the Mets loved Julio Lugo. I watched him here, and he certainly didn’t seem worth the interest they were paying him. Lucky for us, the Red Sox did. This will eventually go to that adage … Continue reading

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What are you trying to say?

Newspapers are falling in love with blogs, sometimes hurting the newspaper.

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Best Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley

Changs Garden in Arcadia, Chung King in Monterey Park, Triumphal Palace in Alhambra and Mission 261 in San Gabriel get nice press for their food.

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Blogger for sale?

Getting paid to blog about the people you’re blogging about by the people you’re blogging about. Nice gig if you can get it, but it ain’t journalism. Update: Micah Sifry believes it’s much ado about nothing, while Jeff Jarvis believes … Continue reading

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What do you think we should do in Iraq

Glen Reynolds, one of the biggest bloggers on the Web, is planning a blogging discussion on what we should do in Iraq, as well as how we should deal with Syria and Iran. This comes as leaders in Congress and … Continue reading

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