Local blogs covering San Gabriel Valley

I keep searching for local bloggers, and I’m wondering if I should start start a blogroll when I find them. Here are a few: Foothill Cities, written by a local resident, and another one by Amanda Wray, a Web designer and writer, has Living in Monrovia. I got to Wray’s site a few weeks back because of Jay Rosen at Pressthink and his blogging about placeblogger.com . I remembered it today when I saw it on Foothill cities.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey, are you going to blog about miller — what really happened there?

  2. …and I’m the one who put Wray’s site INTO Plareblogger. I also dwell in the SGV, tho my blog doesn’t focus on local issues. (Well, I did have a fun spree in my comments from the local angle after the Enzo Ferrari crash dust up. I was amazed because, well, the story was covered from Australia)

    More focused view in my LA and SoCal and Tourist in my Hometown categories.

    Also, check out eye level Pasadena at http://eyelevelpasadena.wordpress.com/

  3. Jill says:

    Thanks, Susan!

    The local blog that inspired me was South Pas Blogs at http://southpas.blogspot.com/index.html

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