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City Manager Resume

It’s always fun trying to get rarely asked for public records. You know city officials are going to say no, because they always do. One of those are resumes. I just asked Irwindale* for their city manager’s resume, and they … Continue reading

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Who are those guys?

Missed this story from former colleague Jason Newell about the Johnson’s Pasture. (via foothill) Of interest was where Claremont wanted to get some of the funding. It sounded vaguely familiar. Someone should really do a story about the program, I … Continue reading

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“I did nothing wrong, but if I did, you were doing it too” defense

According to AP, founder of the Minuteman Jim Gilchrist who has since been fired and accused of embezzlement, filed a lawsuit, saying the ” the firings were illegal and that board members also illegally spent Minuteman money, seized its Web … Continue reading

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Gary Miller responds to our coverage

Journalists are by nature inquisitive and paranoid. Questioning everything our leaders do, whether locally or nationally, and then questioning everything we ourselves do. That habit smashed together in our last story about Rep. Gary Miler, R-Brea. Miller challenged our reporting … Continue reading

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Green for thee – not me

Al Gore’s inconvenient truth? Gore responds.

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Pan’s Labryinth misses oscar?

I didn’t see the The Lives of Others,” but Pan’s Labryinth was the best movie, in a weak year, that I saw from last year.

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Immigrants – illegal and legal – don’t have higher crime rates

“The problem of crime in the United States is not caused or even aggravated by immigrants, regardless of their legal status,” according to the Immigrant Policy Center. Breaking the law by illegally entering is not part of the study’s equation, … Continue reading

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Florence “Rusty” Tullis

(photo from here) Correspondent Brian Day did a story last month about how the body of Rusty Tullis was still at the LAC coroner’s. Apparently, Tullis, who was portrayed by Cher in the movie Mask, is still there. We are … Continue reading

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Baldwin Park Councilman David Olivas

A fascinating article about the city of Cudahy, to the southwest of us, by LA Weekly’s Jeffrey Anderson mentions Baldwin Park Councilman David Olivas, and not in a good way: “The methods of Beltran, Leal and Olivas left a mark … Continue reading

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Only spanking of adults will be allowed.

Of course, Assemblywoman Sally Lieber may not be done.

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