Baldwin Park Councilman David Olivas


A fascinating article about the city of Cudahy, to the southwest of us, by LA Weekly’s Jeffrey Anderson mentions Baldwin Park Councilman David Olivas, and not in a good way:
“The methods of Beltran, Leal and Olivas left a mark on their former law partner Jesse Jauregui, who broke all ties with the group in 2001. Jauregui has this and only this to say about his old colleagues: Im glad to no longer be a part of Tammany Hallstyle politics. How far it goes, I do not know. It became a seamy situation.
The legal maneuvering that led to new leadership in Cudahy was part of a larger strategy, says former Cudahy councilwoman Araceli Gonzalez, a child of Mexican immigrants. They were very outspoken, says Gonzalez of the lawyers who advised Cudahy and Bell Gardens. They were telling people they were going to take over these cities and put Latinos in power.
Olivas, now in his own law practice while wearing two hats as Cudahy city attorney and councilman in Baldwin Park argues that the move to anoint Perez as Cudahy city manager was about Latino self-determination, and that change in leadership in small southeast L.A. County cities was for the better.”

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