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Jimmy Breslin says, “rage is the only quality which has kept me, or anybody I have ever studied, writing columns for newspapers.” Amen brother

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While I’ve been away, Foothill Cities slaps me upside the head and adds comments. The story from Alison Hewitt that he’s talking about, and is behind our ludicrous paywall, is copied on the jump.

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LA Beat: “Rep. David Dreier, R-Glendora, is insistent that the MTA should prioritize a $1.1 billion Gold Line expansion that would extend the line from its current terminus in east Pasadena all the way to the Ontario Airport. (h/t Foothill … Continue reading

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“More Reporting”

Some reporters at one New York tabloid once told me how during the senate challenge between Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, stories would be killed about Rudy and stories about Clinton rushed into print. The reason given by editors for killing … Continue reading

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Comparing Vietnam to…Newspapers?

“A time to get over our past and get on with our future.” Maybe this should be my mantra, I didnt get in this business to be a hospice nurse.

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I went to a talk by David Wallis the other day on the scarcity and slow demise of the cartoonist. I’ll post more on my thoughts on that later.

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It’s raining men

make sure you have your sound on.

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What’s in a word?

It’s a disease that creeps in slowly. Words that are made up by activists and public relations people. High on my list are:proactive, wellness and undocumented worker. The first two are uncontroversial, active and health are the benign true words. … Continue reading

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Robert Blake and Phil Spector, two peas of a pod

“Both Blake and Spector come from scrappy New York-area families — Blake (n Gubitosi) from New Jersey, Spector from Brooklyn. Both men experienced major acts of violence as children. Both are short, are said to wear lifts, and have explosive … Continue reading

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San Gabriel Valley Paranormal Researchers

Apparently, according to the Web site, they were (?) “dedicated to investigating paranormal and unexplained phenomenon.” The forums look like they have been attacked by spam, so I’m assuming they are no more. I stumbled over it when I heard … Continue reading

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