San Gabriel Valley Paranormal Researchers

Apparently, according to the Web site, they were (?) “dedicated to investigating paranormal and unexplained phenomenon.” The forums look like they have been attacked by spam, so I’m assuming they are no more. I stumbled over it when I heard that Galster Park and South Hills Elementary (!) in West Covina were haunted. Then I found out that there are places in Rosemead, Montebello, and forget about Pasadena. For some strange reason a lot of the alleged sightings were at schools, especially high schools. hmmm. Teens are pretty good witnesses…right? I e-mailed the director of the SGV group just to get at the bottom of this haunting mystery.

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  1. Edward,

    The forums are by invite only now, and yes it is because of SPAM. Its just way out of control. So until I decide on a new forum to use it is invite only. You can read that in the Announcements of the forum. We are still quite active but we do not publish a lot of our work due to privacy agreements. The information we do release is on a case-by-case basis, names changed, etc. If you go to the main site you can write Diane Melvin and she will be happy to address your questions.

    Steve Gossett
    Admin – SGVPR

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