“More Reporting”

Some reporters at one New York tabloid once told me how during the senate challenge between Giuliani and Hillary Clinton, stories would be killed about Rudy and stories about Clinton rushed into print. The reason given by editors for killing the Giuliani stories was that they needed “more reporting.” Of course no amount of reporting would have put those stories in the paper.
As a native New Yorker, I was there when Giuliani first came to office. The city needed a law and order guy and he fit the bill perfectly. Unfortunately, as the city prospered, he never broke out of that mindset. His political career would have turned to dust, I believe, if not for his steady hand in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks. Having said that, Guiliani has a lot of people who don’t like him, and reporters have material never used. So be ready for more of this.. Of course, there’s always the dress.

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