You have got to be kidding?

And what did Claremont learn from the reaction that Pomona received when it sent a threatening letter to a local blog? Apparently nothing.
From the DBulletin: “Former Claremont Mayor Diann Ring said she thinks the blog in her city is potentially heading toward litigation as well.
The Claremont Insider – also penned by an anonymous blogger – writes about Claremont city officials and the “goofy, too-serious, power types that run most of the town’s service organizations, charities and city commissions.”‘
— This all started with local blog Foothill Cities getting a ‘cease and desist’ letter from Pomona for posting reasons about its city manager resigning. It was overreaching by the city. And that’s just from the experts. The city of Fontana should be the model for how to deal with blogs with the mayor and others posting: “Fontana’s Director of Public Works Curtis Aaron also logs into the forums with regularity and answers the residents’ questions.
“Most of ’em are usually people speaking out about something they don’t understand or are frustrated with,” Aaron said. “If there’s something going on there that’s an issue, we don’t wait for it to get out of hand. We keep an eye on the blogs, and … we can get on it right away.”‘

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