Get to those bars earlier!

I should try using that as a carrot for my reporters. Editors complain about reporters, and reporters complain about editors. No matter where. I mention this because of this NYTimes memo. These were the highlights
-“we plainly have to do better at getting stories done earlier, and to the desk earlier.”
-“this whole enterprise would be assisted by us all doing better at an even more basic benchmark: being at work, ready for duty, at our assigned time. like 10, and no later. of course, there are exceptions, too many to list. but, regrettably, there have also been too many instances of late where folks have not met this most fundamental obligation for no good reason. enough already.
– “i hope it is not lost on you — and i am repeating myself here — that there’s a pretty obvious good in this for you all. like getting home. to your families or beaches or ballparks or bartenders.”

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