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“Arcadia-Monrovia Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2070 invites the community to join with it to mark Memorial Day this Monday, May 28, at 10:00 a.m. at Live Oak Cemetery, 200 E. Duarte Road in Monrovia. The ceremony will include presentations of honors from numerous local veterans organizations and remarks from the mayors of three local communities. The keynote speaker will be 1LT Robert C. J. Parry of the California Army National Guard. A Monrovia resident and Iraq war veteran, 1LT Parrys personal writings on the conflict have been published by the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Daily News.
While it is important for everyone in the community take time to acknowledge those who have died in service to our country, Id especially like to invite families to come out and participate, said 1LT Parry. Todays generations of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines are paying for the freedom of tomorrows generation, and it is important that todays kids learn early on about the sacrifices of people who are providing them the quality of life they will one day enjoy and be tasked with preserving.
He added, The sacrifices of Monrovians like Lance Corporal Raul Mercado, who was killed in Iraq, and those who served in wars generations ago, must be remembered and cherished. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that tomorrows generation does not forget him, or any service member or take their service for granted. (h/t Foothill Cities)

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