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Let’s try again Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre may name its city manager tonight, though we have all heard that before. Of course, they didn’t release the contract (which violates the public records act) and still refuses to tell the public who the candidate is (which, … Continue reading

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Dead birds and live grenades

Reporter Frank Girardot said that when he called the FBI to ask about information on how a rocket-propelled grenade found its way to an Industry trash plant, the frazzled spokeswoman said she would try to find out. It appears that … Continue reading

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* The next generation may have the answers

Thanks to a reader who sent me to Ryan Sholin’s blog. He is a reporter who uses multimedia to re-invent journalism. * UPDATE: maybe not. I should have paid a little more attention to what I was reading, according to … Continue reading

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From Eye Level Pasadena

Jill at Eye level Pasadena makes a point about newspapers: “I think that in general, people feel like it makes sense to pay for things they can touch. When we buy books or newspapers or cds, at a gut level, … Continue reading

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The power of local blogs

The power of local bloggers has even surprised me. Besides the effect on hot button issuses, they now appear to be having more influence in areas that get very little attention from the media. For the first time, a local … Continue reading

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Interesting conversation at Foothill about blogs and newspapers

Everyone is losing print circulation, not just the Times, though news web sites are gaining readers. People can say they don’t cover the greater lacounty area well enough, but they were doing the same thing before the slide. No one … Continue reading

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Kaiser Hospital in Baldwin Park scrutinized

After the problems with kidney transplants, the state decided to look at other Kaiser hospitals. The news wasn’t good.

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Diamond Bar man causes ruckus in Democratic debate

I missed posting this earlier, but it was a Diamond Bar man who asked this youtube question in the Democratic presidential debate. (h/t reporter Jen Mclain). “In 1982, Anwar Sadat traveled to Israel, a trip that resulted in a peace … Continue reading

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Sierra Madre city manager position still empty

Too late to make the paper, but the City Council has yet to decide if Elaine Aguilar is their woman, according to reporter Molly Okeon. We will have an online story today, and in the paper tomorrow.

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Sierra Madre police chief says leaving is not in the cards

Reporter Molly Okeon talked to the Sierra Madre police chief about this: Los Angeles County’s first-ever female police chief vehemently denies rumors that she is planning to take her leave of the city of 11,000. “I don’t know how that … Continue reading

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