Let’s try again Sierra Madre

Sierra Madre may name its city manager tonight, though we have all heard that before. Of course, they didn’t release the contract (which violates the public records act) and still refuses to tell the public who the candidate is (which, unfortunately, is not). Even though if this is who it is, people from Glendale already know she is the person.
UPDATE: good thing I didn’t make any predications. SM postponed the meeting until Wed.

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7 Responses to Let’s try again Sierra Madre

  1. I heard it’s going to be The Rock.

  2. Edward says:

    I was thinking more peewee herman.

  3. AP says:

    See my new site design?

  4. This blog is lacking information on a damn handsome man named Steve.

  5. 91024 says:

    Just announced. Got the deals up on my site.

  6. AP says:

    Why aren’t there any pictures of Mary Gurton on the web?

    For shame.

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