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LA Observed responds to Foothill Cities

Kevin Roderick says, “no thanks” to Foothill Cities: Here is his sarcastic note: “The San Gabriel Valley anony-blogger(s?) who calls himself (themselves?) Publius tries to draw me into a public dialogue about anonymity by claiming some higher principle to masking … Continue reading

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Shocked, simply shocked that we are in the 21st century

Christine Daniels – formerly Mike Penner – made her official debut as a woman during the David Beckham ridiculousness. Paul Oberjuerge *says Daniels is too much of a man to be thought of as a woman, and while he is … Continue reading

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A new editor on the metrodesk

Kate Keyes will be starting her first day as assistant city editor today. I’m hoping to trick..(I mean) talk her into blogging on Editors’ Corner.

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Ideas to fix gang violence in Pasadena

(Via Grrlie) Pasadena Weekly has this column from a former weekly writer and now inmate. He dismisses this aspect of dealing with the gang violence in Pasadena: “Leave out of the equation law enforcement, courts, the probation department, schools and … Continue reading

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A new name surfaces for Sierra Madre CM

According to an anonymous poster at Foothill Cities, it’s Elaine Aguilar, *assistant to the Glendale city manager (and formerly assistant city manager at La Puente). The poster also takes a dig at reporter Molly Okeon for saying former Bradbury city … Continue reading

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Aram “Adonis” Tolegian

Aram genuflects at the alter of our boss, Steve “the Legend” Hunt.

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** “Bloggers: Watchdogs or Windbags?”

The Times ‘discovers’ that bloggers are covering local government. It mentions the usual suspects like Foothill Cities and Claremont Insider. I do have one bone of contention: “The website also has been critical of Pomona’s high crime rate, saying that … Continue reading

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Possible ethical violation charge in Pasadana

Pasadena Now says Councilman Steve Haderlein will be meeting with the city attorney today about a complaint filed against him. (via Aaron Proctor)

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Sierra Madre police chief departing?

That’s what 91024 is hearing.

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Our own Aram Tolegian is Dodger blogging

Though my hometown Metropolitan’s are down right now, there’s still time. Aram is blogging the game live, and for some reason disses NY pizza and hot dogs. As if there was really a contest. UPDATE:No more time left – Dodgers … Continue reading

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