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Out of this world

Looks like we’ve got a local in the shuttle launch today: Tracy Caldwell, who was born in the San Gabriel Valley, is poised to blast off into space at 3:36 p.m. today with the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor. … Continue reading

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“The Flying Anchorman”

I was really disheartened Friday when Hal Fishman was hospitalized, and was even more crushed to find out that he died early this morning. This was the anchorman that my little sister and I grew up watching before going to … Continue reading

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Shifting gears

I am now the proud owner of a slightly used (or is it certified pre-owned?) editor’s blog. So I thought I’d take it for a test drive. It’s kind of a slow day at the office. Hoping things will pick … Continue reading

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A new sheriff in town

Assistant City Editor Kate Kealey has decided to take up the Corner’s blog torch. (She was gone – on a honeymoon – at the same time as Centinel, which prompted a thorough interrogation.) I’ll let her tell you about herself. … Continue reading

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Blogging respite

I’ve decided that my time on this blog has been played out for now. I started this, in part, because the editorial side had no blogs. Now we have Under the Dome, Crime Scene and School Session, with more to … Continue reading

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Right…I’m in the ‘news’ business, not the ‘olds’ business

Sierra Madre had the news early this morning that Elaine Aguilar will be the new city manager. Molly Okeon will have the story in the Pasadena Star News tomorrow.

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