Tip jar for councilman

Reporter Tania Chatila had a short follow up to her story about the La Puente City Council looking to increase its pay. More specifically the follow up addresses Mayor Lou Perez’s assertion that he needed money for clothes. The story didn’t make the cut yesterday, so I thought I’d post it here.

A jar of money was left at La Puente City Hall on Monday morning in response to comments the mayor made last week about needing a pay raise to buy new clothes.
Mayor Lou Perez voted unsuccessfully at the Sept. 11 City Council meeting to give council members a $464-a-month salary increase.
He said the council deserved the raise to pay for expenses, like costs associated with buying new suits to look presentable as an official representative of the city.

On Monday morning, the jar…

… with an undisclosed amount of money inside was left at City Hall, City Manager Carol Cowley.
A label read, Donations for Lou Perez … Mr. Perez states he does not make enough money to purchase suitable attire.
Cowley called the gesture an act of politics and said she didnt want to get any city staff members involved.
The jar has since left City Hall.
Maybe its an election ploy, Perez said.
If they want to be silly thats fine, he said. That just shows the mentality.

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