A volleyball game broke out at a fight

Prep sports editor Fred Robledo posted some interesting photos of a fan fight at San Dimas High School volleyball game Wednesday. The school’s resource officer has not called us back today to comment on the photos and school officials are staying mum. Some of the comments left at Fred’s blog include that charges will be filed. Considering the issues with school violence and sportmanship at events, you have to question the silence. We’ll keep trying to get to the bottom of this one though.
UPDATE: Sheriff’s officials say they showed up but no one was arrested. A source told me that it is much ado about nothing, except for two grown men acting like children.

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One Response to A volleyball game broke out at a fight

  1. BusTard says:

    The jerks in the photograph are strapping bastards whose vacuous anger would be better expended in Afghanistan, Iraq or a circle jerk.

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