Strange Rumblings in Aztlan

i-0ad3b4e735e5bf0f7de0da05e111cdb3-salazar.jpg Could the difference be any more stark than it is framed on page b-1 of today’s Times.
Above the fold, a story about the reassignment of Mirthala Salinas. The mayor’s girlfriend/TV news anchor has been reassigned to Riverside County as the Inland Empire reporter for Telemundo’s KVEA.
Just below that is a story about how a Pico Rivera continuation school teacher and members of the band Los Lobos petitioned the USPS for a stamp honoring Ruben Salazar.
In case you didn’t know…

…Salazar was a LA Times reporter and columnist, who left the paper to work in television. His head was blown off by an tear gas missle as he sat in the Silver Dollar Cafe on Whittier Boulevard, while covering a riot in 1970.
Hunter S. Thompson wrote a great“>piece about the ensuing investigation, and what Salazar’s death meant on the mean streets of East Los Angeles.

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