Newspaper founders arrested and released

I posted this this morning. The new news apparently bypassed me quickly.
“VVM Executive Editor Michael Lacey talking to reporters earlier this a.m. after being released from MCSO custody.
Village Voice Media Executive Editor Michael Lacey was released from PHX’s 4th Avenue Jail around 4 a.m. this morning after being arrested Thursday evening by plainclothes agents of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. Charged with the misdemeanor of revealing grand jury information in this week’s cover story Grand Jury Targets New Times and Its Readers, Lacey was released on a $500 bond. His co-author on that story, VVM Chairman and CEO Jim Larkin was arrested on an identical misdemeanor charge Thursday evening and released hours prior to Lacey.” (h/t LAO)
– I’m getting a sense that more and more people think that a free press is an archaic term and can be abused with impunity. And so far, it seems they are right.

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  1. Grand Jury info? I do believe that is so OTR. But then, there could be an instance… What in the world were they reporting on?

    I tend to side with the press. That’s my bias.

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