A bipartisan approach to California government

Before my time, apparently.

“(Houston) Flournoy’s passing is also noteworthy because he was one of the few living veterans of a particular age in Capitol politics, the 1960s, that many consider to be the golden age of personal camaraderie and political progress. Centrists such as Flournoy dominated the Legislature’s Republican contingent in those days and pragmatists controlled the Democratic majority, making agreement possible on a variety of issues. But the 1966 election also marked the beginning of the end of that era.”

Now – “Centrists such as Flournoy centrists of either party could not survive in today’s Capitol. Their few latter-day successors, such as former Assemblymen Keith Richman (a Republican) and Joe Canciamilla (a Democrat), were ostracized by their caucuses when they attempted to reinstate the kind of intraparty cooperation that thrived in the 1960s.”

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