No funds for Gold Line extension

Reporter Fred Ortega went to an MTA meeting today where it was expected that the board would fund the Gold LIne extension. In our story today, Rep. Hilda Solis, D-El Monte, says it was a sure thing and was backed by LA Mayor Antonio Villiagrosa. The funds weren’t approved and the mayor was MIA.
UPDATE: Here’s Ortega’s story. No one would say why it happened. But we are at a point where we now have to ask is it ever going to be built.

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5 Responses to No funds for Gold Line extension

  1. Dog Spot says:

    Let me get this straight: The MTA is going to convert existing HOV lanes on the 60, 10, and 210 freeways to HOT lanes, charge drivers to use these “new” lanes, and now the powers that be downtown refuse to consider funding the Gold Line extension?

    Perhaps it’s time for some new leadership for the SGV on the MTA board–someone who’ll stand up for the SGV.

  2. MonroviaMan says:

    Good thing Monrovia just re-configured its general plan around the Gold Line.

    If you build it…. the train still may not come.

  3. MTA rider says:

    I figured Villaraigosa was on board for the Gold Line because he needed the SGV’s support for the Purple Line extension down Wilshire.

    Either way, you really can’t justify the Gold Line based on ridership. Express buses and Metrolink already provide a quick connection to downtown L.A.

  4. Edward says:

    The interesting thing is that on the unfunded list, the subway to the sea, which Villaraigosa has strongly supported, is on par with the extension. Despite that the extension is ready to go to construction.

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