Larry Mantle talks about Monrovia shootings

The show picks up gang feud.
Reporter Dan Abendschein who listened comments:
“When I tuned into Larry Mantle on Thursday morning and heard him talking about gang violence in Monrovia, I half-expected to hear him introduce city editor Frank Girardot, who has been covering the issue for months, and has had thousands of hits per day on his crime blog in the last week.
Instead the brought in Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Quinones, who I imagine has been on the story for a few days.
Quinones didn’t give the audience the full story, though I can’t really blame him since he has not covered Monrovia regularly (because, as Larry Mantle should have known, the paper has no real presence in the San Gabriel Valley). He cited the fact that Monrovia had only two homicides, probably not realizing that many of the shootings that take place between the two gangs actually happen in an unincorporated county area just outside Monrovia, which makes them not count against the city.
Additionally, not all shootings are fatal, but they are still pretty bad, and shootings in Monrovia are not an relatively isolated incident, as Quinones made it sound.
A very similar wave of violence happened in November, with five shootings in three days. Three people were shot, though none fatally, so it did not get the attention that this round did. Incidentally, police gave the same explanation then that they did this week: the violence was sparked by the release of parolee gang members from prison. And the city and school officials made the same questionable assertions that there is no racial tension in Monrovia.
Quinones did say the gang problem had been on and off for years, but from our perspective it looks like it has been more on than off recently.
Next time, Larry Mantle, pick up the phone and give us a call. It’s 626-962-8811.”

– (My only comment is Sam Quinones is well versed in gangs such as the Mexican Mafia. Whenever he gets involved, we wind up chasing his facts rather than the other way around. I’ll post the link to the show as soon as they post it. They have posted it)

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