Pulitzer Prize Finalist

I’m not a hater. Swear. A friend of mine, Luis Perez, from Tribune-owned Newsday was one of the reporters on this Pulitzer Prize-finalist story about the dangerous gaps between Long Island railroads trains and its boarding platforms, spotlighting individual injuries and triggering a multi-million-dollar remedy by the railway. The list of winners and nominees is the usual. Some stories only the NY Times or Washington Post could do, others were done at smaller papers with simply a dedicated staff and editors.
This Post feature story was interesting for its simple premise, what would Washington metro commuters do if a violinist played at the station and they didn’t know he was world renowned. There is a short video, but more enjoyable was a 44 minute audio of Bell playing. A life out of balance, indeed.

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  1. AP says:

    Are you Centinel? :-)

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