Covering David Dreier and Russ Warner

Readers called about the lack of election coverage in the the 26th Congressional seat, which David Dreier now occupies. Resources generally prevented us from covering the primaries between Republicans Dreier and Sonny Sardo and Democrats Cynthia Matthews and Warner. (That includes Libertarian candidate Ted Brown who garnered 188 votes.) One of the reasons we covered others was because the primaries would dictate the eventual winners considering how the lines are drawn. With Warner and Dreier now official rivals, we will be covering the race a bit more closely.

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  1. Eugene Grace says:

    Dear Editor:
    I believe your Star news is one of the finest papers surviving the current downtrend in newspaper circulation. I am saddened by that development. My only suggestion would be lessening of publication of almost exclusively Associated Press news articles. They really seem to me to belong on the opinion page when they are reporting anything but floods, tornados, fires and severe catastrophies. Any political reporting leaves out the good news inso far as progress in the war on terror. General Patreous, (Sp?) can report on progress and lessening of dangers and attacks in Iraq and nothing is said about a week’s passage with no service deaths, but then one death and it is front page news. I have an in-law who is with military intelligence ovr there with whom I speak almost daily and his first hand observations of conditions in Iraq are never reported. —Just a little more balance, PLEASE. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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